The Artists

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With compass history, myths and legends, focusing on images, colors, smells, sounds, traces and symbols of Istanbul, the 101 participating artists highlight mythological, historical and everyday-life moments.

The works of art, which at the vast majority have been created specifically for the exhibition, cover a wide range of artistic expression created by different generations and styles. Exhibited will be 101 artistic attempts at “narration” through painting, sculpture, construction, photography, video and hagiography. Distinct is the presence of younger artists, with works more conceptual and abstract, designed to inspire their archetypal filings of the culture of Istanbul.


Io Angeli

Battlefield, 2010
Coloured pencils on paper mounted on wood

Nikos Angelidis

Constantinople personified, 2010
Oil on canvas

Daphne Angelidou

Coffee house, 2009

Acrylic on canvas

Yiannis Adamakis

Remembrance of an afternoon at Bebek, 2010

Acrylic on canvas

Stelios Alexakis

Istanbul – Cafe Constantinople , 2010

Oil on card

Nikos Alexiou

The travels of the Russian MonkVassily Grigorovich Barsky -1745, 1998

Watercolour on paper

Monk Anastasios

Constantinople, 2001

Dimitris Andreadakis

Memory of Fern, 2010

Oil on cloth

Katerina Antachopoulou

Topkapi, 2010

Watercolours on paper

Angelos Antonopoulos

Opposite, 2010

Mixed media

Kalliopi Asargiotaki

Ioanna Paschalidou – Milla, 2010

Painted photograph


Timos Batinakis

Woman in Turkish Baths, 2010

Oil on wood

Yiannis Bekiaris

Hagia Sophia, 2010

Oil on canvas

Hariton Bekiaris

The Tyger, 2010

Gouache, ink on paper

Panagiotis Beldekos

Afternoon, 2010

Oil on canvas

Xenofon Bitsikas

Backdoor, 2010


Anna Bili

Alley in the City, 2010

Oil on cloth

Manolis Bitsakis

Kemal, 2006

Mixed media
Private Collection

Giannis Bournias

Untitled, 2010

C-print, variable dimensions


Charalambos Dermatis

Untitled, 2010

Digital print

Mary Desylla

On the boat to Princes’ Islands, 2004

Acrylic on canvas

Tania Dimitrakopoulou

The Spice market, 2010
Oil on canvas


Alekos Fasianos

Promenade along Bosphorus 2003-2010
Oil on canvas

Maria Filopoulou

Swimmers underwater (the ancient pool of Ierapolis), 2010

Oil on cloth


Andreas Georgiadis

Basilica Cistern, 2010

Ink on paper

Savas Georgiadis

In between (work in progress), 2010

Oil on wood

Kostis Georgiou

Semper Idem Ι & II, 2010

Oil on canvas

Evstathios Giannis

Left: Istanbul, 2008
Mixed media
Right: Vale Istanbul, 2008
Mixed media

Konstantinos Giotakis

Left: Encounter of two worlds, 2008
Acrylic on canvas
Right: Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia, 2010
Acrylic on canvas

Penny Geka

Untitled, 2010

Paper, yarn

Irini Gonou

Dialogues, 2009

Baked clay, reeds, ink


George Hadoulis

The Bishop, 1999

Acrylic on paper glued onto canvas

Pavlos Habidis

The Thoelogical School of Chalke, 2010

Watercolour on paper

Apostolos Hantzaras

The Theological School of Chalke, 2010

Watercolour on paper

Mark Hadjipateras

U.L. # 5 (from the Universal Love series), 2005

Oil on canvas

Ahilleas Christidis

Untitled, 2009

Oil on canvas


Aleksandra Isakidi

Old factory at Cengelkoy, 1996

Copper Engraving

Irini Iliopoulou

Snow on the Bosphorus, 2010

Oil on cloth


Markos Kambanis

Constantinople Tables, 2010

Acrylic on wood

Tina Karageorgi

Left: Istanbul gardens, 2010
Handmade japan and Tibetan paper, acrylics and iron leaf
Right: The banquet, 2010
Installation (Handmade japan paper, acrylics,
metal objects and silver leaf )

Dimitris Katsigiannis

Untitled, 2010


Theofilos Katsipanos

The pen that never wrote (in progress), 2010

Acrylic, oil on canvas

Kostantinos Kerestetzis

Constantinople I, 2010
Oil on canvas
Constantinople ΙΙ, 2010
Oil on canvas

Andreas Kontellis

City and Time, 2010

Oil on canvas

Leda Contogiannopoulou

Composition, 2010

Oil on canvas

Giorgos Kordis

Basilica Cistern, 2010

Egg – tempera on paper mounted on wood

Despina Kouvatsou

The candle, 2010

Oil on canvas

Spyros Kritikos

«…and they built the walls of the City…», 2010

Oil and egg-tempera on wood


Grigoris Lagos

Wrong scale, 2007

Epoxy resin

Panayiotis Lambrinidis

King of Kings Ruling Over Kings, 1999

Silver, boxwood, precious and semi-precious stones, photographic imprint on plastic membrane, plexiglass

Iannis Lassithiotakis

The ceremony, 2004

Oil on paper glued onto canvas

Afroditi Litti

Left: Butterfy, 2010
Metal and murano mosaic tesserae
Right: Insect, 2010
Copper and murano mosaic tesserae


Alexandros Maganiotis

Baptism, 2010

Mixed media (Digital print and ink on cotton paper, hanger, hat, easter candle, bottle with ink, candleholder)

Michalis Madenis

The Bosphorus, 2010

Oil on canvas

Thanasis Makris

Constantinople, 2010

Oil on wood

Kallirroi Marouda

Taking a mental walk through the streets of the City, 2007

Oil on cloth

Alina Matsa

All the colours of the world, Constantinople, 2010

Mixed media

Stella Meletopoulou

Map, 2010

Mixed media

Dimitris Merantzas

Farewell, 2009

Stainless hooks, stainless frame, mirror, rusty nail

Ioannis Mitrakas

Concert in the night of Life, 1983

Byzantine technique, egg-colours on canvas

Kyriakos Mortarakos

Untitled, 2006

Oil on canvas

Nikos Moschos

Untitled, 2006

Acrylic on linen


Christos Pallantzas

Untitled, 2009

Oil on canvas

Miltos Pantelias

Palimpsests of memory, 2010

Acrylic on canvas

Apostolos Papageorgiou

Left: Untitled, 2010
Mixed media
Right: Untitled, 2010
Mixed media

Angelos Papadimitriou

The spirit of Constantinople, 2010


Elena Papadimitriou

Mosaic, 2010

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Maria Papadimitriou

Constantinople, 2010
Wood-cut (unique piece)

Christos Papanikolaou

Two Continents – three Seas, 2010

Acrylic and egg on canvas

Kostas Pappas

Blue Mosque, 2010

Oil on canvas

Panayiotis Pasantas

People’s faces, 2010


Vassilis Perros

Bazaar, 2010

Oil and collage on decoupage canvas

Natasa Poulantza

Lale, 2004

Watercolour on handmade paper

Elianna Prokopiou

Left: Rain at Istanbul, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
Right: Blue Mosque, 2010
Acrylic on canvas


Pavlos Samios

Everyday light, as in Constantinople

Acrylic on cloth

Dimitris Sarasitis

Monuments, 2010

Oil on canvas

Christos Simatos

The memories a ruin carries with it, 2010

Digital photograph

Dimitris Skourogiannis

Ivy, 2010

Acrylic, paper, tulle

Evgenios Spatharis

Romanos Melodos in Constantinople, 2005

Acrylic on paper

Marios Spiliopoulos

Left: light box, 1992
Wax paper, electric lamp
Right: Palindromic Inscription
for the 2nd Biennale of Istanbul, 1989

Installation, Variable dimensions

Antonis Staveris

Encounters, 2008
Mixed media

Marina Stellatou

Up: Ortakoy mosque and Ataturk bridge I, 2010
Watercolour on handmade paper
Down: Ortakoy mosque and Ataturk bridge II, 2010
Watercolour on handmade paper

Nikos Stefanou

Untitled, 1959

Tempera on plaster
Private Collection

Aris Stoidis

Untitled, 2010


Nikos Stratakis

Bosphorus (sketch), 2010

Tempera on paper


(Panayiotis) Tanimanidis

My godmother, Elengo was from Constantinople, she used to live in Old Bedesten, every day she would talk about it, and she brought her entire house over from there; in the afternoon she would treat me to baklava, that she made herself, and I would sit on the carpet and play for hours with the large clock, that used to beat its own time in the Constantinople days…, 2006

Mixed media

Panayiotis Tetsis

From the Group Hydra 1999- 2001

Oil on canvas
Artist’s collection

Praxitelis Tzanoulinos

The Walls of Contantinople, 1996

Stone and Bronze

Maria Toxavidi

TAGS, 2010

Wall-applied installation in 12 parts (Hand imprints, prints, yarn, resin on papier mache)

Panayiotis Tountas

Istanbul, 2010

Oil on canvas

Maria Tsagkari

An ineffable presence among presences, 2010

Oil on canvas

Vicky Tsalamata

The City a+b, 2010

Mixed media (archival digital print)

George Tserionis

Aziz Istanbul, 2010

Installation (paper, wood, clay, acrylics, pigments)

Theodoridis Vagelis

Journey, 2010

Mixed media on wood

Theodoridis Philippos

East of the West, 2010

Acrylic and pencils on wood


Cryssa Verghi

The Asian shore, 2010

Mixed media

Alexis Veroucas

Two figures in a dome, 2009

Oil on canvas

Erietta Vordoni

Left: Totem, 2010
Mixed media on wood and metal

Right: Of the shore of the Bosphorus, 2009
Mixed media on Plexiglas

Marios Voutsinas

Left: Fez, 2010
Copper, bronze, silk, wood
Right: Bath sandals, 2010
Silver, wood


Vana Xenou

The land of the living – Chora Achoritou, 2010

Pastel on paper and pencil sculpture

Dimitris Xonoglou

7 , 2010

7 hi – fi systems


Manolis Zacharioudakis (ΜSAZ)

Poli, is tin Poli, Istanbul, 2010

Printout on paper


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